All foreigners are required to have a Visa to enter India. Apart from a passport, which must be valid for at least six months after entry to India, you will need two blank pages for stamping you in and out of the country. In case you are visiting any of the restricted areas like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Sikkim, Ladakh or any other, then you are required to have a visa with specific permission.

PLEASE NOTE: If your travel includes a visit to Bhutan or Nepal, and you then return to India to take your international flight home or plan on further touring in India, you would have to apply for a multiple or double entry Indian visa. In addition, all foreign tourists will also need a visa to enter Bhutan and Nepal.

有关签证和护照的相关要求的详细信息,请访问印度政府网站 点击这里。


Recently Indian Government has added a new feature to the visa process, i.e. e-Tourist Visa which allows the tourist coming to India to get visa online by filing the application form online.


  • 国际旅客,其唯一目的访问印度的是娱乐,观光,休闲的访问,以满足朋友或亲戚,持续时间短医疗或休闲的商务考察。
  • 护照应至少六个月有效期从抵达印度的日期。 护照应该有由入境事务主任冲压至少有两张空白页。
  • 国际旅客应该有返程机票或后续行程机票,有足够的钱在印度的他/她的逗留期间花。
  • 国际有巴基斯坦护照或巴基斯坦裔旅客可以请申请定期签证,在印度的使命。
  • 不可用于外交/公务护照者。
  • 不适用于个人赞同家长/配偶的护照也就是每个人都应有一个单独的护照。
  • 没有可供选择的国际旅行证件持有人。

旅游落地签证:印度政府已推出了“旅游落地签证”(通过电子旅行授权启用)设施的旅客从43个国家来到印度。 这实际上是一个非常有限的30天单次入境签证,到达和离开印度的,有限的机场请 点击这里 阅读详细的最新信息。